What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is one of the best cooking appliances you can have in your kitchen. An air fryer is a versatile piece of equipment for cooking a wide variety of dishes. 

It is a healthier alternative to eating fried and baked fast food dishes. 

It makes use of less to no oil for cooking fried food items. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite food items with fewer calories. You can cook a plethora of food items and dishes in an air fryer.

Here we will know about most of the food items and dishes that you can in your air fryer. 

Potatoes and Chips 

Potato is one of the most common dishes that is cooked in an air fryer. You can cook numerous potato dishes in an air fryer. 

You can cook potato chips, french fries, kebabs, and much more. 

You can enjoy all fried potato dishes in an air fryer with less oil. It is always a healthier version of eating potato dishes prepared in an air fryer. 

One of the dishes that taste best with an air fryer is baked potatoes. You can cook lip-smacking baked potato dishes in an air fryer. For crispy potato dishes, shake the potatoes during the cooking process.  

Fried Chicken 

Chicken is another most common dish that you can cook using an air fryer. Fried chicken tastes better when cooked in an air fryer with less oil. The crisp layer over the fried chicken makes your mouth filled with water. 

You can cook the best-fried chicken recipes with the air fryer. You need is a good chicken loaf, a fried chicken recipe, and flavors. 

One of the best parts of cooking fried chicken in the air fryer is the non-stick coating of the frying basket. 


Yes, you can cook burgers in an air fryer. After eating a burger cooked in an air fryer, you won’t feel guilty about having your favorite fast food item. You can cook a chicken burger, vegan burger, beef burger, and even lamb burgers in an air fryer. 

You can cook crisp and flavorful burger patties in an air fryer without excessive oil. It will always be a healthier version than deep-fried burger patties. 


Do you love juicy and lip-smacking steak at your lunchtime? If yes, use an air fryer to cook a healthy steak dish for your lunch or dinner. Air fryer allows you to cook healthier alternatives to yummy steak recipes from the comfort of your home. 

You can cook your favorite steak recipe in the air fryer without worrying about the food items sticking to the bottom of the air fryer. 


Fish is one of the favorite non-veg dishes people love. Be it fried fish, grilled fish, or fish sticks, you can cook every fish dish with the air fryer. The crispy fish fresh out of the air fryer taste immense. You can sprinkle a few oil drops on the fish in the air fryer. It gives a crisp and crunchy layer over the fish after it is cooked completely. 

You can sprinkle your favorite spices over the fried fish to enhance its flavors. The air-fried is healthier and tastier than deep-fried fish. 


Yes, you read it right. You can cook, fry, and grill vegetables in the air fryer. You can cook root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. with the air fryer. 

You can prepare lip-smacking sweet potato chips in the air fryer. You can cook asparagus and other green vegetables in the air fryer. They taste immense with a crisp layer over the vegetables. 

You can sprinkle your favorite herbs and flavors over the fried food items.


Yes, you can bake your favorite cake in the air fryer. The majority of the air fryers have the baking feature. You can place the batter in the air fryer and bake it at desired temperature and duration.

You can set the timer for baking the cake. Once the timer is over, the air fryer automatically shuts off. It prevents the risk of burning the cake. Thus, next time when you plan to bake a cake, use an air fryer.   


You can cook numerous dishes with an air fryer. You cook root vegetables, cakes, cookies, and potato chips. You can even set the timer and temperature for cooking your favorite dish. It helps prevent overcooking of the food item provided you have set the accurate temperature. 

The non-stick coating of the air fryer baskets prevents food wastage. Thus, you can always cook your favorite dishes in an air fryer without any wastage and with less oil. 

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