Tower T17021 Air Fryer Review 2023

If you are searching for a low-cost solution for having healthier fried food items, the Tower T17021 air fryer will be the right choice. It combines the technology of low-fat cooking with affordable costs. 

Tower T17021 air fryer is an affordable and robust air fryer. With the dishwasher-safe air fryer, you can prepare large portions of fried foods in less time. Thus, if you are planning to buy Tower T17021, here is the air fryer review for your help. 

Features of Tower T17021 air fryer 


Tower T17021 air fryer can cook up to large capacities of food items. The 4.3 Liter model of the Tower air fryer is ideal for a large family. You can cook fried food for your entire family in less time. 

The frying basket capacity of the air fryer can hold enough portions of frozen food items, vegetables, and all your favorite ingredients. You can even bake a cake with the Tower T17021 air fryer. 

Thus, if you are planning to prepare healthy fried food items for your family, buying Tower T17021 will be the right choice. 


The air fryer is designed in a user-friendly manner. The display of the air fryer has all the controls and settings for operating the air fryer. The manual controls of the air fryer help in using the air fryer according to our needs and requirements.

To move the air fryer around the kitchen countertop the air fryer has handhold recesses at the base. The sliding plastic cover helps prevent accidental press of the basket release button. 

Tower T17021 Family Size Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation


Different colored lights and digital displays help in monitoring the cooking process of the air fryer. The air fryer display has two dials. One dial is for controlling the cooking temperature and the other is for the duration. 

You can use the digital display and the temperature dial for configuring the temperature in the range of 80-200 Degrees. 

You can set the timer up to one hour. The air fryer alarms when the timer is over. The lights on the display indicate when the air fryer is working and when not. 


The air fryer has a baking pan, a divider, and a grill rack. All the accessories enhance the functionality and versatility of the air fryer. 

You also receive a recipe booklet with the air fryer. The recipe booklet has a plethora of beginner-friendly recipes with the air fryer. You can get started with the air fryer using the recipe booklet. 


Tower T17021 air fryer uses Vortex technology for cooking fried food items. The rapid hot air circulation technology helps in cooking fried food items with 99% less oil.  Thus, you always have a healthier version of fried food items. 

The faster cooking capabilities of the air fryer help you prepare lip-smacking dishes in less time with less fat content. For example, you can prepare crispy golden chips within 10-15 minutes. 


Tower T17021 performs exceptionally well for cooking large portions of food in less time. You can prepare mouth-watering homemade chips with the air fryer in less time. 

Tower T17021 can prepare chicken wings with a golden brown texture from the outside and tender from inside. The crispy and tender taste of perfectly cooked chicken wings will make you fall in love with the air fryer.

The reheat feature of the air fryer works exceptionally well. The pizza slices kept in the air fryer were warm and crisp in just 5 minutes. The reheat functionality does not make the food soggy and lumpy. Thus, you can always enjoy the pizza leftovers the other day.


Tower T17021 offers great value for a complete family within the price tag. With the air fryer, you can prepare batches of fried food items in less time. It preserves the taste and the texture of the fried food without using a high amount of oil. 

The Vortex technology facilitates rapid hot air circulation inside the air fryer. Thus, you have healthy fried food with less fat and in less time. The accessories with the recipe book of the air fryer add to the user-friendliness of the air fryer. 

Thus, if you are looking for a versatile air fryer for your entire family, Tower T17021 will be worth the choice.