Tefal Air Fryer Review

Are you finding the best air fryer for having oil-free fried food items? That’s true. With air fryers, you can prepare oil-free and less fat content fried food items. 

With the less oil content, you can munch all your favorite fried foods without any worries. The hit air technology used by air fryers makes the food item crunchy without making use of a large amount of oil. 

One of the most popular brands in the air fryer market is the Tefal air fryer. Tefal air fryers are one of the best air fryers in the market. They cook your favorite food items by releasing hot air all around the food items. 

Tefal Air Fryer Review

The air fryer ensures that hot air reaches all corners and surfaces of your food item. It ensures the even cooking of all the food items. Generally, all the Tefal air fryers work between 150 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius in temperature. 

The air fryer features and settings vary from model to model, the general set of features remain the same. In this Tefal air fryer review, we have mentioned the most common set of features of Tefal air fryers. Each model can have a more advanced feature set as well. 

About Tefal Air Fryers 

Tefal has a lot of models of air fryers in the market. All the models of the air fryers perform efficiently in providing the best-textured air-fried food. The use of cutting-edge technology for air frying the food makes Tefal air fryer different from its competitors. 

Tefal is one of the popular brands providing self-stirring paddles in the air fryers. Self-stirring paddles save a lot of cooking time and help in even cooking food items. 

Thus, choosing a Tefal air fryer will always be worth investing in. You won’t regret buying a Tefal air fryer for having a healthier alternative to deep-fried food. 

Cooking Capacity 

Tefal air fryers have a large cooking capacity. The majority of the models come in 2 ks to 3 kg of cooking capacity. With these large capacities, you can cook enough portions of your favorite food at once. 

The large capacity of the basket helps in saving time spent cooking for the entire family. Thus, you can prepare large portions of your favorite food items in less time. 

Basket of the Air Fryer 

The basket of the air fryer is the show stopper. In some models, you get a square basket and around in the other models. The stirring paddle with the basket helps in ensuring even cooking of all the food items.  

The stirring paddle eliminates the need of pausing the cooking process and mixing the food for even cooking.

The cooking basket is non-sticky. It prevents the fried food from getting stuck on the bottom and the corner of the basket. It also adds up to the convenience of cleaning the basket after use. 

Preset Cooking Settings 

Major Tefal air fryer model provides 7-9 preset cooking options. Preset cooking options help in saving cooking time. The preset settings have configured time and temperature settings for different food items. 

Availability of preset settings always adds to the convenience of cooking with the air fryer. It requires a button press and the food item gets cooked on its own. 

The preset settings are available for food items like chicken, fries, battered snacks, chips, pastries, rolls, breaded snacks, wok foods, baked products, and desserts. 

The preset modes adjust the cooking temperature and timer according to the food item inside the fryer. Along with the preset settings, you manually set the timer and temperature settings. 

Thus, you have control over the temperature settings of your favorite food item. 

Ease of use 

Tefal air fryers are user-friendly. They are very simple to use and get started. All the controls are present on the front of the air fryer. You can adjust the temperature, timer settings, and cooking options from the air fryer dashboard. 

The lid of the air fryer allows easy handling of the fryer during and after the cooking process is complete. The lid of the air fryer doesn’t get too hot after cooking. Thus, you can lift the lid and pull out your cooked food items. It also prevents the risks of burning your hands. 

The Actifry technology of the Tefal air fryers also cooks the food evenly and in less time. It also eliminates the need to preheat the device before cooking. You can conveniently prepare a complete meal of your favorite food items in less time.

Build and Design 

Tefal designs its air fryers in the most modern way. The aesthetic design and the attractive look of the air fryer add to the beauty of your kitchen. 

The outer portion of the air fryer is of high-quality plastic. The use of high-quality plastic ensures the durability and sturdiness of the air fryer in the long run. 

The material used in the air fryer is PFOA and PTFE-free. The elimination of toxic material from the air fryer makes it safe to use. The stirring paddle of the air fryer is made with hard plastic. It helps in effectively stirring the food inside while cooking. 


Tefal is one of the best brands in the market providing the best quality air fryers. Tefal air fryer reviews reveal it is a healthier alternative to deep-frying foods. 

Tefal air fryers reduce the fat and the oil content of the food items by 70-80%. It allows you to have guilt-free fried food munching sessions with your families.

The cooking options and preset settings in Tefal air fryers add to the convenience of cooking food. It is an ideal air fryer for working professionals, singles, working partners, and many more. The air fryer from Tefal can help you save time while cooking lip-smacking snacks and meals. 

In comparison to other air fryer models, Tefal air fryers are a bit pricey. But choosing the best air fryer is always worth an investment. Thus from our Tefal air fryer review, it is a green signal for the fryers. 

You can check various models of the Tefal air fryers and make an informed decision. If you have any doubts about the Tefal air fryers, feel free to reach out to us.