Salter Air Fryer Review 2023 – Buying Guide

Air fryers have changed the way of having deep-fried food items. Air fryers help you have all your favorite fried food items in less oil with the same crisp. 

It is a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying technology. Using an air fryer for eating fried food reduces the amount of oil but does not compromise the crispness or texture of the food item.

There are many air fryer brands available today in the market. Each air fryer brand has a plethora of models with different feature sets. 

Models have different features, functionalities, and price sets. 

Salter is one such air fryer brand providing the best in class air fryers.

Salter Air Fryer Review

Why Salter Air Fryers?

The quality of kitchen equipment provided by the Salter is easy to use and versatile. The high-quality products by the Salter brand add to the enhancement of your lifestyle. 

Having an air fryer from the Salter can add to the ease of preparing deep frying foods. The high capacity and high power air fryers help in preparing large portions of air-fried food. 

The design and the build of the air fryers are some of the most attractive features of the Salter air fryer. 


With salter air fryers, you have the following functional features:

  1. Large capacity frying baskets for cooking large batches of food items.
  2. Touchscreen display with all the controls and functions in one place
  3. The auto shut off feature prevents unwanted accidents
  4. The ease of cleaning the air fryer
  5. Audible timer alerts help in preventing burning or overcooking of the food item. 
  6. 200 degrees maximum temperature helps in preparing food at high temperatures if needed. 
  7. All the leftovers and dripping are collected in the pan below. It prevents piling of mess in the basket while cooking. 

Salter Personal Air Fryer With Hot Air Circulation



The modern design of the air fryer adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen countertop. Salter air fryers have a modern, black finish design which makes the air fryer look modern and stylish. 

The touchscreen display of the air fryer has all the controls for operating the air fryers. You can find all the preset options over the touchscreen display. The time and temperature settings are also available through the touchscreen display of the air fryer. 

The heat indicator, temperature control, power indicator lights add to the convenience of using the air fryer. 

Cooking Capacity 

Salter air fryers usually have a cooking capacity of up to 3.2 liters. The huge cooking capacity helps in preparing a large portion of fried foods. You can prepare food items for a family of 3-4 persons in one go. 

With such a large cooking capacity, you can even bake a cake inside the air fryer. It helps you save time in cooking meals for a party or a large joint family. 

Cooking Technology

Salter air fryers make use of Rapid cooking technology. Rapid technology defines the way the air is circulated inside the air fryer. The use of rapid air technology ensures even cooking of the food item. 

The fans of the air fryer circulate the air in such a way that the food is cooked properly. 

Preset Cooking Options 

Preset cooking options help in speeding up the cooking process. It makes preparing fried food items easy and without any hassle. Salter air fryers have 5 to 7 preset cooking options. You have preset options for chicken, chips, prawns, ribs, drumsticks, seafood, fish, and many others. 

Prest cooking options have pre-configured time and temperature settings. You have to choose the preset option, place the food and click the start button. 

Non-Stick Nature 

Non-stick nature helps in cooking the food items without any wastage. The non-stick coating of the frying basket helps in cleaning the basket after the cooking process. The non-stick coating prevents sticking of any food item or leftover stick to the base of the basket. 

Also, the basket is round. The round shape of the basket helps in cleaning the basket. You can clean the corners of the basket and remove all the burnt particles without any hassle. 

Cleaning Mechanism 

Cleaning is one of the factors that affect our choice of air fryer. Air fryers that are easy to clean are more preferred. Salter air fryers have the advantage of easy cleaning. The air frying basket and pan can be easily hand washed. 

The leftovers of the food are collected in the pan below. You can wipe out all the waste by using water and soap. Thus, there is no complex process for cleaning the air fryer.

You can even clean the basket interiors using a damp cloth and then dry it using a dry towel. 

Safety Mechanism 

Salter air fryers add another layer of operating the air fryer by including the auto shut-off feature. The auto shut-off feature helps in preventing unwanted accidents while using the air fryer. 

If you open the air fryer during the cooking process, the auto shut off feature turns off the air fryer. 

The finish alert helps in indicating the completion of the cooking process. Thus, there are fewer chances of overcooking or burning food. 


Salter air fryers are experts in their category. Salter recommends preparing cooking chips after parboiling the potatoes. If you preheat the air fryer 4-5 minutes before cooking, the chips cook out to be crispy and crunchy. 

Preparing a few things before cooking with the Salter air fryer will help you achieve great results. 


Salter air fryers are versatile, high-functional air fryers. Investing in an air fryer will help you ease the process of eating fried foods. 

The use of less to no oil for air frying helps in eating healthier alternatives to deep-fried food. The air fryer is designed to provide all the functionalities comfortably. 

With this fully functional air fryer, your cooking process will be easy and without hassle.