Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Review 2023

Ninja is one of the air fryer brands providing the best quality air fryers in the market. Ninja brand is best known for providing the best-in-class blenders and food processors. 

The dual-zone air fryer range by Ninja has been added to the class of kitchen equipment by the brand. The dual-zone air fryers by Ninja are one of the fastest-growing and selling air fryers in the market. The convenient features and sleek design of the air fryer make it a desired product among the users. 

In this post, we are reviewing one of the most demanded and fastest growing dual-zone air fryers by Ninja – Ninja AF300UK Dual Zone air fryers. 


Af300UK is one of the latest dual-zone air fryer models added to the air fryer range provided by Ninja. The sleek design and advanced features of the air fryer make the air fryer in demand. The two separate dishes in the air fryers add to the convenience of cooking with the air fryer. The Sync mode helps in cooking multiple food items together without any mixes and hassle. 

The air fryer helps in cooking the frozen food items with less to no oil, like any other air fryer. It speeds up the cooking process by 75% more than a conventional oven. 

Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer

Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer

Cooking Functionalities 

The air fryer provides numerous cooking options. It fulfills all your cooking needs in one application. The cooking options present in the air fryer are max crisp, reheat, dehydrate, and bake. 

The five cooking options help you to cook different food items like veggies, fresh chips, leftovers, and desserts. 

Max crisp feature is best for frozen food items like chips and nuggets. The reheat feature is the best for prepping leftover food items, and the bake features help you to cook lip-smacking cakes and desserts. 


It is a large application and can hold a space on your kitchen countertop. The functional design of the air fryer adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen countertop. 

The sleek finish adds to the modern look of the air fryer. The chrome black finish makes the air fryer look more attractive. 

The ergonomic design of the air fryer makes it easy to handle. 

Cooking Capacity 

The dual-zone air fryer has an enormous capacity of 7.6 liters. The air fryer has two cooking compartments. Both the cooking drawers are independent of each other. 

With each compartment, you can cook around 500 gm of food items. If you want to cook chicken, you can cook up to 1 kg without hassle. 

The drawer handles add to the convenience of using the air fryer. You can easily pull out the drawer and place it in the cooking basket. 

You can even set different settings for each compartment.

The Crisper Plate

The air fryer has a crisper plate inside each drawer. The Crisper plate helps in evenly air frying the food item. The brown crust of the air-fried food is mesmerizing. 

The crisper plate separates the excess oil from the food items. All the excess gets collected at the bottom of the air fryer.

 The crisper plate prevents the food from sticking to the base of the basket. 

The Digital Display 

The digital display of the air fryer is an added advantage of having the air fryer. The digital display is the small control panel for the air fryer. It has all the features and functions of the air fryer around it. 

The countdown timer proves to help monitor the time left for the completion of cooking time. The display shows the timer for each compartment. 

Quick Guide Book 

The air fryer has a quick guidebook with it. The guide provides all the instructions required for starting and cooking with the air fryer. 

It also contains recipes with all the instructions required to prepare the recipes. The recipes provide inspirational healthy meals that you can prepare with the air fryer in a few minutes. 

Should you buy a Ninja dual-zone air fryer?

If you want to enjoy the healthier alternatives to deep-fried food, you should buy the Ninja dual-zone air fryer. The dual-zone technology helps you prepare multiple food items simultaneously. 

The plethora of advanced features makes the cooking process easy and fast. With the availability of five cooking options, you can cook almost everything with the air fryer. 

The versatility and flexibility of cooking with the Ninja dual-zone air fryer make it worth an investment.