Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK Review 2023

Ninja is one of the kitchen appliance brands providing high-quality, robust kitchen products. They are known for manufacturing the best smoothie makers, air fryers, and blenders. 

The cooking equipment range provided by Ninja is growing with the best quality air fryers provided by them. Ninja air fryer af100 is one of their entry-level air fryer in the air fryer market. 

The large cooking capacity of the air fryer is a show stopper among all the features of the air fryer. It offers 3.8 – 4 quart cooking capacity in its air fryers. 

Ninja Air Fryer [AF100UK] 3.8 Litres


The Ninja air fryer  af100UK is surely a healthier alternative to the deep frying methodology of preparing fried foods. It makes use of less to no oil for preparing crispy and yummy fried food items. The basket of the air fryer facilitates hot air circulation around the food. 

Hot air circulation keeps the food crisp from the outside and moist from the inside. 

Preset Cooking Options 

The Ninja af100UK air fryer has four preset cooking options. The preset cooking options help in reducing the cooking time. Duration and temperature settings are preconfigured in the preset options. 

The preset cooking options are helpful for beginners. They help beginners cook their favorite food items without hassle. 

Design of the Air Fryer

The air fryer has a compact design and does not take much space on your kitchen countertop. It is circular. The circular shape allows you to accommodate the air fryer in different corners of your kitchen. 

The gray texture of the air fryer makes its maintenance easy. You can easily wipe out all the dirt and dust with the help of a damp cloth. 

The air fryer has a LED display. The LED display has all the controls required for operating with the air fryer. 

It displays the configured time and temperature settings for preparing the food item in the air fryer. 


Ninja af100 air fryer is the perfect choice for making crisp and crunchy. It performs extremely well for producing crisp fried food items in a few minutes. 

The excess oil is drained into the tray beneath the air fryer basket. Thus, there is no excess oil while cooking the food items. The preset cooking options have accurate time and temperature settings. 

You don’t have to tweak the settings. The air fryer makes crisp potato chips for both packed and homemade chips. If you are a non-veg lover, the crisp chicken wings from the air fryer will make you fall in love with the air fryer. 

The air fryer makes chicken wings crispier from the outside and tender from inside. Thus, you can always have delightful fried foods from the comfort of your home. 

You have to preheat the air fryer for about 3 minutes for better results. Although the air fryer lacks dedicated preheat features, you can always set the timer to three minutes and preheat it. 

Once your food is cooked, the air fryer buzzes an alarm indicating the completion of the cooking process. It also provides a visual alert indicating the preparation of the food items. 

Hot Air Release 

The air fryer does not release hot air from the sides of the air fryer. It has a vent in the upward direction for releasing the hot air. Thus, you don’t have to worry about keeping the air fryer away from the other pieces of equipment in the kitchen. 


With the air fryer, you receive a recipe book. The recipe book is full of recipes along with the time and temperature settings. If you are starting your journey with the air fryer, the recipe book can be very handy. 

The time and temperature settings for the recipes are accurate in the booklet. Thus, you have to only follow the instructions in the booklet for preparing lip-smacking dishes. 


Ninja air fryer af100Uk is one of the best air fryers you can buy. The preset cooking options help cook yummy fried food items without prior knowledge. 

You can air fryer, roast, dehydrate and reheat all your favorite food items with this air fryer. It helps reduce the cooking time drastically. Also, the recipe booklet with the air fryer is handy for beginners with air fryers. 

The recipe booklet has numerous easy recipes for the yummiest fried foods. They also have required time and temperature settings for preparing the fried food items. 

Thus, if you are looking for high-performing air fryers, the Ninja air fryer af100UK is for you. We hope that the Ninja air fryer af100UK review helped you gather information about the air fryer.