Do you love eating fresh, crispy, and healthy chips from the comfort of your home? Preparing chips with an air fryer is one of the easiest yet yummiest recipes you can make with an air fryer. 

Are you wondering how to make chips in your air fryer? Here are the detailed steps and the ingredient box you will require for making chips in an air fryer. 

Ingredients / Materials For Making Chips in Air Fryer 

An air fryer

The most important thing when cooking chips in an air fryer is the air fryer itself. A good quality air fryer with hot air technology can help you make crispy and fresh potato chips. There are numerous models of air fryers available on the market. 

You can choose the air fryer from the market according to your budget and requirements. Having an air fryer with adjustable time and temperature settings can be helpful. 


Potatoes are available in different variants. For making crispy potato chips in an air fryer, you require stable potatoes. Extra soft potatoes will not result in crispy potato chips. 

Always ensure to cut the potatoes in thick slices (not too much) for making chips out of them in the air fryer. The quantity of the potato slices will depend upon the number of people you are cooking chips for. 


Seasoning adds to the taste of the perfectly cooked chips in the air fryer. Seasoning like additional salt, and pepper adds to the experience of frying potato chips in the air fryer. 

Smoked paprika is one of the seasonings you can use for spicing up your potato chips taste. 

Cooking Oil 

The air fryer requires less to no oil for making chips in the air fryer. Sprinkling a few drops of oil over the potato slices can help you add a layer of light crispiness to the potato chips. 

To have the best results, you can use an oil brush for brushing oil drops over the potato slices. 

Kitchen Towel

No, you don’t have to add the towel to the air fryer. Keeping a kitchen towel by your side will help you clean your air fryer after making chips in your air fryer. 

Keeping the air fryer clean after cooking helps ensure its durability. 

Air Fryer Manual 

If you are new to the air fryer or have bought a new air fryer, keeping the air fryer manual handy can help you cook chips much faster. The manual contains the exact instructions to follow for making chips in your air fryer. 

Process of Making chips in your air fryer 

Prepping the potatoes 

In this stage, you prep the potatoes and make them ready to be fed in the air fryer. Wash the potatoes thoroughly to remove all the extra dust particles from them. 

You can either peel the skin or give it a gentle scrub to have a fine covering over the chips. 

Slice them into thick chips. Don’t cut them into two thick slices. You can use a vegetable cutter or a sharp knife. 

There are many different styles of knives available in the market. You can use the knife according to your requirements. 

Flavoring Potatoes

Before adding any flavors to the sliced potatoes, wash them with cold water. It will help you remove all the extra starch content from the potato slices. 

After washing potatoes, you can drop a few drops of oil and flavors of your choice. You can sprinkle pepper or paprika powder for enhancing the taste. 

Preheat the air fryer 

Before air frying the sliced potatoes, preheat the air fryer. Preheating the air fryer enhances the efficiency of your air fryer. Preheating the air fryer reduces cooking time in the air fryer to some extent. 

Placing an air fryer 

Once you have prepped and flavored your potato chips, add them to the air fryer basket. Try ensuring that you do not stuff the air fryer basket too much. 

Adjust the time and temperature for cooking chips according to your air fryer. Mixing the potato chips once in the middle of the cooking process can ensure even cooking from all sides. 

Generally, you can make chips in your air fryer within 20-25 minutes. 

Recipe Tips For Making Potato Chips 

Here are some tips that can help you elevate the taste of your potato chips in the air fryer:

  1. Don’t use too much oil for air frying potato chips. Make use of an oil brush for brushing the potato chips for adding a crisp layer over the chips. 
  2. Try adding flavors to your potato chips in the middle of the cooking process. The potato chips will absorb the flavors decently. 
  3. Wash the potato slices thoroughly in cold water.
  4. You can add dried herbs after and before cooking the potato chips.  


Making potato chips in your air fryer is an easy process. You can prepare cafe style, lip-smacking potato chips from the comfort of your home. You don’t require too many materials and ingredients. 

Thus, take your potatoes and the air fryer to make chips from the comfort of your home.