Are you wondering how to clean an air fryer? Does your air fryer basket also have layers of oil and grease? Many of the air fryer models have dishwasher-safe air fryer parts. But not all components of the air fryer can be placed inside a dishwasher.

In many situations, the air fryer requires manual cleaning. Also, it may be the case that your air fryer doesn’t support a dishwasher at all. But how to clean the air fryer after use? Why is it necessary to clean the air fryer regularly?

Let’s discover the why part first.

Why do you have to clean the air fryer?

We all know that we use no to less oil for cooking with the air fryer. But then why should we clean it? Cooking leaves an odor behind it inside the air fryer. 

Sometimes, food particles stick to the corners of the basket and the basket’s bottom as well. Cleaning the air fryer regularly helps in eliminating the food odor from it. It also ensures that no food remains are present in the air fryer. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance also add to the lifetime of your air fryer. It adds to the durability factor of the air fryer. 

Thus, you always have a fresh, and healthy air fryer to cook your favorite food items. 

When and how often should you clean your air fryer?

We now must be thinking about when we should clean the air fryer? What should be the frequency of cleaning the air fryer? Here is the answer:

  1. You should clean your air fryer after every use. It will help you ensure that no food remains in the air fryer. Also, it will help you avoid food odor accumulation in the air fryer. 
  2. If you do not use your air fryer often, give it a quick clean before you start using it. A cloth can help you remove the dust particles from your air fryer. 
  3. You should clean the air fryer if you use a high amount of oil for cooking your air fryer. However, this case may be rare as air fryers require less oil for cooking.

Supplies Needed for cleaning the air fryer?

Now you know why and when you should clean the air fryer, let’s know what you require for cleaning. You don’t need fancy items for keeping up the cleanliness of your air fryer. 

Here is the list of basic supplies you require for cleaning your air fryer:


A soft sponge would be ideal for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the air fryer. You can use the sponge to clean the wires and the basket of the air fryer. Choose the size of the sponge according to the size of your air fryer and basket. 

Liquid Soap

You can use liquid soap or dish soap to clean your air fryer. Liquid soaps are ideal for cleaning the mess caused by oils in the air fryer. Through liquid soap, you can remove all the oil stains and food remains from the air fryer. 

Soft brush or toothbrush 

Soft brushes help you clean the corners of your air fryer basket. You cannot use the sponge to clean the corners of the basket. A soft brush or toothbrush can help you keep the corners of your air fryer clean after every use. 

Damp Cloth 

You can use a sponge or damp cloth alternatively for cleaning the air fryer. A damp cloth is ideal for giving a quick clean to the air fryer. You can use a damp cloth for cleaning the dust particles that accumulate over the exteriors of your air fryer. 

How to clean your air fryer?

With all the supplies ready, let’s know how to clean your air fryer after cooking. 

Step 1: Let the air fryer cool down to room temperature after cooking. Keep the air fryer basket outside the air fryer. It will ensure that the basket is at room temperature.

Step 2: Remove the food crumbs present in the air fryer basket. You can throw these crumbs by flipping the basket over a dustbin. 

Step 3: Soak the sponge into the liquid soap. Use the soaked sponge to clean the basket and the handle of the air fryer. You can even use dish soap instead of liquid soap. If your air fryer is dishwasher-safe, you can make use of a dishwasher. 

Step 4: Use the sponge to clean the interiors of the air fryer after removing the basket and the pan. It will help you keep the air fryer clean from inside

Step 5: Use the damp cloth to wipe out the sponge soap marks. Wipe out all the dirt or oil marks you can see on the air fryer. 


Cleaning and maintaining your air fryer can increase its durability and shelf life. Manual cleaning involves a few steps for making your air fryer clean and ready for cooking. 

You can even buy a dishwasher-safe air fryer to eliminate manual cleaning. Although always clean the air fryer from the inside using a damp cloth. 

If you have a non-stick air fryer basket, do not rub the sponge too hard as it may affect the non-stick behavior.