Gourmia 5.7 Liter Air Fryer Review

Are you looking for the best air fryer in the modern days? With the Gourmia 5.7 liter digital air fryer, you can enjoy lip-smacking fried foods. You also don’t have to worry about the fat content with the air-fried food.

It will help you enjoy healthy meals every day from the comfort of your home.  

Gourmia 5.7 liter digital air fryers use the 360-degree fryforce technology for air frying all the frozen foods. The technology lets prepare food quickly and with less to no oil. Thus, you will always have a healthier alternative to your deep-fried food items. 

So if you are planning to buy a Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer for your kitchen, this guide can help you in the final purchase decision.

Features of Gourmia 5.7 liter digital air fryer

The Cooking Options 

Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer provides you with twelve cooking options. The wide variety of cooking options helps in preparing your favorite food in just a few minutes and without any hassle. 

The most popular cooking options available are air fry, dehydrate, bake, grill, etc. You can perform any of the cooking options with just a tap of a button. 

All the 12 preset modes have their configured time and temperature settings. Thus, it eliminated the manual setup of temperature and time for preparing the food items. 

With these cooking options, you can cook anything from french fries to lip-smacking seafood in just a few clicks. 

Gourmia Digital 6 Qt/5.7L Digital Air Fryer, 9254

The digital display

The intuitive digital display of the air fryer adds to the convenience of using the air fryer and its functionalities. The one-touch display of the air fryer provides all the functions and settings in one place.

The digital display displays all the timer and temperature settings selected by you. The touch interface allows you to configure the time and temperature settings according to your requirements and needs. 

The display also prompts whenever it is required to turn the food in the middle of the cooking process. 

Guided Cooking Mechanism 

You get guided cooking prompts through the display while preparing a dish. The display alarms you when the preheat function is complete and the air fry is ready to be used. 

You also receive instructions to turn your food while cooking. It helps in evenly cooking the food items from all sides. You can even add customizable notifications to guide you during the cooking process. 

Frying Technology 

The Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer features FryForce 360 degree technology. With the use of this technology, the air fryer prepares yummy yet healthiest fried food items. 

The technology targets the food items inside the air fryer and provides heated air from all sides. It ensures even cooking of the food items along with maintaining the taste and texture of the food items. 

With this technology, the air fryer produced crisp yet moist fried food items with the use of less to no oil. Thus, you always have a healthy alternative to deep-fried food items with the same taste. 


Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer comes with numerous accessories to add to the versatility of the air fryer. In the package, you get the air fryers, a user manual, a non-stick air frying basket, a non-stick crisper tray, a recipe book, and a user manual. 

The user manual proves to be helpful if you are just getting started with the air fryer. The user manual contains all the instructions from starting the air fryer to cleaning the air fryer. 

The recipe book in the package contains a plethora of yummy recipes. If you are new to cooking with an air fryer, you can make use of a recipe book to start making mouth-watering recipes. 

The preheat feature 

The preheat feature is the star of the functionalities in the air fryer. Preheating the air fryers helps in preparing the best in taste fried food items. 

Preheating prepares the air fryer before beginning the actual cooking process. To start preheating the air fryer, all you need to do is press the preheat button. 

When the air fryer is getting preheated, the air fryer displays the red light indicating the preheating process. You can even set the temperature at which you want to preheat the air fryer. 

The turn reminder 

Turning the food while it is in the middle of the cooking process helps ensure even cooking of food. But inside an air fryer, you are unaware of the middle point of cooking. 

Air fryers like Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer provide a turn reminder feature. You can set a reminder for turning the food in halfway through cooking. It will ensure that your food items are cooked evenly from all sides. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning of the air fryer is a simple and easy process. It is always recommended to clean the air fryer after every use. It helps in enhancing the life of the air fryer. 

To clean the basket and the crisp tray, you can make use of a soft sponge or hot water and dish soap. Ensure that you only use a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning. 

You can clean the exteriors of the air fryer with the help of a moist cloth. 

Never dip the cord, plug, or the air fryer in a basket full of water. It may lead to the dysfunctionality of the air fryer and even total damage. 

Tips for using the Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer 

Here are some of the tips that can help you in enhancing the cooking process with the air fryer:

  1. You can use the air fryer cooking chart in the recipe book for preparing large portions of dishes with multiple ingredients. 
  2. You can use the recipe book for specific cooking instructions, time, and temperature settings for specific food ingredients.
  3. You can prepare all the snacks in the air fryer using the preset cooking options that can be prepared inside an oven.
  4. Use the turn reminder functionality of the air fryer to evenly cook all the food items.
  5. You can also place a baking pan inside the frying basket for baking a cake or for cooking air fragile ingredients. 


Gourmia 5.7 liter air fryer is a versatile and efficient air fryer. You can cook multiple dishes with the air fryer in just a few minutes. The reminder and the preheat feature make the air fryer favorable among the buyers. 

The plethora of cooking presets helps in preparing lip-smacking food items without much effort and no hassles. 

The air fryer is also super easy to clean and maintain. Thus, investment in a Gourmia 5.7 liter will last for years and provide you with enough value.