Cosori Air Fryer Review UK 2023

Do you love making chicken for your entire family? Cosori Air fryers have a generous cooking capacity. Having an air fryer from Cosori can help you prepare large batches of your favorite food items. 

Cosori air fryers are generally available in the drawer models like the other air fryers. You can pull the removable basket from the base easily. 

One of the useful features of the Cosori air fryer is the leftover collection. The oil drips and the extra fat content from the cooked food are collected in the tray below the frying basket. 

Thus, buying a Cosori Air fryer is one of the best purchases you can make for your kitchen. 

Why the Cosori Air Fryer? 

Cosori air fryers are one of the highest quality air fryers available in the market. Here are some of the positive points of buying a Cosori air fryer:

  1. The large capacities of Cosori air fryers allow you to cook large batches of food items. 
  2. The air frying baskets are made from non-stick material. Thus, they are easy to clean and maintain. 
  3. The shake reminder feature of the air fryer allows for even cooking of food items inside the air fryer.
  4. You can cook a whole lot of food items with Cosori air fryers. 
  5. There are a plethora of preset options available in the Cosori air fryers. The preset options help a beginner to use the air fryer comfortably. 
  6. Cosori air fryers provide a one year warranty. You can even extend the warranty period within 90 days of purchase. 

Cosori Air Fryer Review UK

COSORI Air Fryer with 100 Recipes Cookbook

The Packaging And The Arrangement

The air fryer comes in a big box, all the pieces of equipment are tightly packed. The air fryers arrive assembled in the packaging box itself. It is ready to use as soon as it comes out of the box. 

The frying baskets are pullable from the base of the air fryer. You can pull the basket off and place all your food items.

The stylish looks and design of the Cosori air fryers add to the look and the feel of your kitchen countertops. 

One of the advantages of having Cosori air fryers is the lightweight air fryers. You can easily carry the air fryers and place them in the ideal area of the kitchen space. 

A small handbook also comes in the Cosori air fryers box. The handbook provides instructions for operating the air fryers. Handbook also contains the timer and temperature combinations for different food items. 

Operating System 

All the controls are available on the front digital display. The digital displays in the air fryers add to the convenience of using the air fryer. You can press the buttons of the required operation through the panel. 

The temperature and timer adjustment settings are also available on the front panel. The panel allows you to start, pause and stop the cooking process. 

The digital display also shows the time left for the cooking process to be completed. 

Appearance and Looks 

Cosori air fryers are one of the modern design air fryers available in the market today. The stylish and modern design of the air fryers enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen countertop. The compact design of the air fryer helps in storing the air fryer without any hassles. 

The modern touchscreen display and controls add to the convenience of using the air fryer. Cosori air fryers are available in multiple colors. Some of the colors are Black, red and white. 

Thus, you can select the color of the air fryer according to the interiors of your kitchen. 

The Cooking capacity 

Cosori air fryers are available in large cooking capacities. It makes the air fryers ideal for large and joint families. You can prepare food for your entire family (4-5) persons in one go. 

For more quantity of cooked food, you can try preparing batches of snacks like hot dogs, french fries, potato bites, and many others. The air fryers majorly have a square-shaped frying basket. Square-shaped baskets provide more space for cooking than round-shaped frying baskets. 

Square baskets enable you to spread all the food items evenly. It ensures the even cooking of food items and from all sides. 


Cosori air fryers exhibit excellent performance for cooking a variety of food items. The powerful air frying technology makes your food crispy and crunchy. 

Different air fryer models have different watts. Every air fryer model depicts exceptional performance while air frying the food items. High wattage of the air fryer implies faster cooking of the food items. 

Cosori air fryers are popular for air frying different food items. You can make crispy french fries in just a few minutes. If you are a non-veg lover, then the air fryer can help you grill the perfect chicken wings.

Cosori air fryers cook and fry the food from all sides evenly. 

Preset Features

One of the attractive features of Cosori air fryers is the preset cooking features. Preset cooking features prove to be a helping hand while cooking. Another useful feature with the preset options is the shake reminder. 

Every preset function prompts you to shake the food in the middle of cooking. This ensures that the food is cooked from all sides. 

Preset cooking features have an inbuilt timer and temperature settings for different food items. Cosori air fryers have a variety of cooking presets. Some of the common food items available are Frozen foods, Steak, Bacon, shrimp, root vegetables, and many more. 

Preset cooking options are ideal for beginners in the use of air fryers 

Thus, you can prepare your favorite meals with the preset cooking options available in the air fryers. 

Cleaning Aspect

Cosori air fryers’ cleaning process is simple. You can manually clean the air fryer inside out with a damp piece of cloth. The frying basket and other parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safe. 

The non-stick coating of the air fryer makes the manual cleaning of the air fryer. The drawer interior is also of non-stick material. 

Thus, you can easily clean a Cosori air fryer. 

Using the Cosori air fryer

The Cosori air fryers are one of the easiest air fryers to use. The air fryer package contains a cookbook full of recipes. The recipes are easy to prepare and beginner-friendly. 

Thus, if you are new to the air fryer, you can use these recipes to get started. The reminders of the air fryer help in preventing the burning of food inside the air fryer. Also, the shake reminders in Cosori air fryers make them one of the best air fryers in the market. 

Thus, it is easy to use the Cosori air fryer for preparing your favorite food items. 


Cosori air fryers have several features. The ease of cleaning and the preset cooking functions attract the majority of the customers. The shake feature of the air fryer is the star among the other features. 

Thus, if you want to buy a family-sized air fryer with several features, a Cosori air fryer would be the right choice.